Investment Strategy

BioPharma Credit aims to generate long-term shareholder returns, principally in the form of sustainable income distributions from exposure to the life sciences industry.

The fund will seek to achieve its investment objective primarily through investments in debt assets secured by royalties or other cash flows derived from sales of approved life sciences products. Subject to certain restrictions and limitations, the fund may also invest in unsecured debt and equity issued by companies in the life sciences.

The Investment Manager will select investment opportunities based upon in-depth, rigorous analysis of the life sciences products backing an investment as well as the legal structure of the investment.  A key component of this process is to examine future sales potential of the relevant product which is affected by several factors, including but not limited to; clinical utility, competition, patent estate, pricing, reimbursement (insurance coverage), marketer strength, track record of safety, physician adoption and sales history.

The fund will seek to build a diversified portfolio by investing across a range of different forms of assets issued by a variety of borrowers. In particular, no more than 30 per cent. of the Company’s gross assets will be exposed to any single Borrower.