About Us

BioPharma Credit plc provides investors with an opportunity to gain exposure to the fast growing life sciences industry, through a diversified portfolio of loans and other instruments backed by royalties or other cash flows derived from sales of approved life sciences products. BioPharma Credit’s primary objective is to generate predictable income for shareholders over the long term.

Once substantially invested, BioPharma Credit will target an annual dividend yield of 7 per cent. (calculated by reference to the Issue Price), and a net total return on NAV of 8 to 9 per cent. per annum in the medium term.

Pharmakon Advisors, the fund’s Investment Manager, was founded in 2009 and has invested US$1.3 billion in 20 transactions across four funds.  The first three funds are now fully invested. Drawing upon the expertise and successful track record of Pharmakon Advisors, the fund enjoys access to its extensive, industry-focused knowledge and contacts to source, analyse and structure attractive investment opportunities.

Through a shared services agreement with Royalty Pharma, founded in 1996, the Investment Manager will be able to rely on the complementary expertise of the team behind the market leading investor in pharmaceutical royalties.